The weather outside is about to get frightful and some of us just weren’t made for colder temperatures. We bundle up nice and warm to go outside and we tend to eat heavier hot meals to keep us nice and toasty. 


Nothing will warm your soul like a big warm bowl of soup. Specifically pho. A hot delicious broth with hearty noodles and your choice of beef (definitely try meatballs) or chicken with all the fixings. 


If you’re not into soup, there are other options at BFF. Start your meal with some sweet potato tempura which is a thinly sliced sweet potato that is battered and fried, or fried green beans with spicy mayo. Dumplings (aka potstickers) are another favorite appetizer if you’re trying to stay away from deep-fried foods. They have yummy marinated chicken and cabbage, wrapped with wonton paper and typically boiled or pan-seared and served with potsticker sauce. 

Salmon is the most sought-after fish during the winter.  It’s the perfect time to try a crunchy salmon roll, sushi with salmon, avocado, and cream cheese, deep-fried, topped with spicy mayo, then deep-fried, or a baked Alaskan roll, which is a California roll topped with baked salmon, spicy mayo and eel sauce. A heftier entree of grilled salmon served with pickled daikon, carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeños, house mayonnaise, peanuts, and tuna fish sauce or soy sauce on the side will get your blood flowing. 

Comfort Foods

Some other Asian comfort foods for your winter warm-up to try are the chunky beef steak or Kung pow chicken. With tender chunks of beef steak marinated with Japanese sesame oil, this dish will remind you of a crockpot stew. Bring on the heat with Kung pow chicken, a spicy stir-fried chicken with dried Thai chili, broccoli, yellow onions, and lettuce, served with white rice.

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