May has several reasons for you to drink more wine.

May has several reasons for you to drink more wine. From International Sauvignon Blanc Day at the beginning of the month to National Wine Day at the end of the month, BFF Asian Grill and Sports Bar can accommodate any official (or unofficial) day to drink wine!


About Wine 

Wine has been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years not only because it tastes wonderful, but also because of its nutritional value and psychotropic effects. 

Wine has also had a major influence on the economy and the formation of communities. The trade of wine allowed exploration of different cultures and paved the way for philosophical and religious ideas to spread. Wine is mentioned frequently in the Bible. Winemaking was once thought to be an indication of a prosperous economy.

California produces the most wine in the United States, with over 4,000 wineries across the state. California’s wine country, which is located in the northern Bay Area of northern California, has dominated American wine production since its founding in 1812 by Spanish missionaries. In 1974, there were just 25 wineries in this part of California. There are now almost 800!

The most frequently visited winery today is the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, with over one million people annually.


Facts About Wine

55 degrees – the optimal temperature for storing wine.

60 gallons – the amount of wine in a single barrel. 

4-10 – the number of clusters of grapes in a single bottle of wine.

10 – the number of bottles of wine that a single vineyard is able to produce. 

100-150 – the number of calories in a single serving of wine. 

2 grams – the number of carbohydrates in a single glass of wine. 

10,000 – the number of different varieties of grapes worldwide.

700 million – the number of gallons of wine produced in the U.S. in 2020.

$88 billion – the estimated value of the U.S. wine market in 2020. 

7.3 million – hectares of land that vineyards occupied worldwide in 2020. 

Almost 70% of wine bottles are sealed with natural cork; the majority of this cork comes from Portugal.

There are over 60,000 wine labels on the market today.

One bottle of wine holds an average of 600 grapes.


Days to Celebrate Wine In May

May 6th – International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Sauvignon blanc is a white wine grape that is planted in many different places around the world, but it grows especially well in New Zealand. Early May is harvest time in New Zealand and is a fitting time to celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day, which takes place on the first Friday in May each year. 

May 9th – National Moscato Day

With more people than you would imagine drinking this light-bodied sweet wine, it’s a good thing there’s a day for moscato fans to celebrate, too. 

May 24th – The Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris

A day to commemorate the wines of California making their world debut in France is a big deal. We say drink a great California chardonnay or cabernet to celebrate, which are the wines that beat out their French counterparts in this infamous competition over 40 years ago.

May 25th – National Wine Day

May is a busy month for wine lovers, but if you’re only going to celebrate one national wine holiday this month, don’t miss this one. 

May 26th – Chardonnay Day

Whether you like it extra oaky and buttery or crisp and clean, you’ll want to note that Chardonnay Day is designated the Thursday before Memorial Day in the U.S. 



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By Leslie Radford

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