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Pale Lager and Pilsner

Dark Lager

German Bock

Brown Ale

Pale Ale 

India Pale Ale



Belgian-Style Ale

Wheat Beer

Wild & Sour Ale

Specialty Beer

With over 80 beers to choose from at BFF Asian Grill, we know it’s hard to decide what to drink. Here’s a quick guide to the different styles of beer.

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Pale Lagers and Pilsners

Pale lager and pilsners are golden-colored beers that are lighter in flavor and lower in alcohol content. 


Dark Lagers

Dark lager is malty and smooth, with toasted caramel flavors. They have mid-range alcohol content and lower bitterness profiles.


German Bocks

Bocks are heavy on malty flavor, making them sweet and nutty. Bocks have lower alcohol levels, while doppelbocks, weizenbocks, and maibocks move up the alcohol scale.


Brown Ales

Brown ales feature malty overtones and tend to have toasty, caramel flavors. They typically feature mid-range alcohol content and hop bitterness.


Pale Ales

Pale ales are generally hoppy but lower in alcohol content than IPAs. They are typically light, drinkable beers.


India Pale Ales (IPAs)

IPAs boast strong hop bitterness with piney and floral flavors. They have high alcohol content.



Porters are all dark in color, and they feature flavors reminiscent of chocolate, coffee, and caramel. They have mid to high alcohol levels.



Stouts are dark beers that are similar to porters, but with stronger roasted flavors. They have mid to high alcohol levels.


Belgian Styles

Belgian beers are known for their spiced, sweet, and fruity flavors and high alcohol content. They have high alcohol content and are low in bitterness.


Wheat Beers

As you might have guessed, wheat beers use wheat as their malt. They are generally lighter in color and alcohol content. Brewers often add seasonal fruits.


Wild & Sour Ales

Wild or sour ales are typically very low in alcohol, and feature tart, sour flavors that come from bacteria in the brew mash.

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Bond Over a Beer

Head into BFF and choose from our wide range of beers to bond over with friends!

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