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March is National Noodle Month so let’s take a look at this versatile food.

As one of the most diverse foods on the planet, of course, noodles would have an entire month dedicated to their deliciousness. March is National Noodle Month so let’s take a look at this versatile food.


The History of Noodle Month

Most of us think of Italian food when we think of noodles. The Chinese, Arabs, and Italians have all claimed to have invented noodles. However, in 2005 a team of Chinese archaeologists reported finding an earthenware bowl that contained remains of 4000-year-old noodles made from millet.

Noodles became known as pasta in Italy after explorer Marco Polo visited China in the 13th Century, eating barley-based noodles at the court of Kubla Khan, and ferrying them back to Italy.

Noodles today come in all shapes and sizes, are made of a variety of grains (mostly wheat), and are consumed all over the world.

National Noodle Month was created by the National Pasta Association, a nonprofit organization.


Oodles of Noodles

Americans reportedly consume 16 to 20 pounds of noodles a year. It’s an inexpensive food item that can be enjoyed by all.

As of 2018, approximately 103 billion servings of instant noodles are eaten worldwide every year. China consumes 40 billion packages of instant noodles per year – 39% of world consumption; Indonesia – 12 billion; India – 6 billion; Japan – 5.7 billion; Vietnam – 5.2 billion.

Because noodles are so popular, many countries and cultures have created their own versions of noodles that are made from various grains and vegetables and have many nutritional contents: Buckwheat; wheat; udon; mung; soba; spätzle (found in German documents from 1725); cellophane (made from mung bean, yam, cassava, canna or potato starch), lokshen kugel; gluten-free; fresh, frozen, or dried; etc.

Noodles’ value and versatility in soups, salads, as side and main dishes, and even sweetened in desserts, is unparalleled.

See fun facts about noodles.


How to Observe

This month, you can observe National Noodle Month with us by:

Using #NationalNoodleMonth along with #BFFAsianGrill to post on social media about your love for all things noodles.

Come to BFF and enjoy a warm bowl of pho, a scrumptious stir-fried noodle plate, a delectable bird nest noodle plate, or a cool vermicelli dish to share on your social media.

Tag us in your boomerang slurping your noodles. In Japan, it’s actually encouraged to slurp your noodles – it shows that you thoroughly enjoy the meal.


By Leslie Radford

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