Maybe you’re looking to cut out meat or you just enjoy a light, vegetarian dish every once in a while, either way, BFF has you covered. With several decadent vegetarian dishes to choose from, you’ll be eating like Buddha in no time.

Vegetarian Dishes

Buddha’s Delight happens to be a popular dish among omnivores and herbivores alike. Picture a healthy helping of stir-fried broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, carrots, tofu, and cabbage in a flavorful mushroom sauce. Sounds spectacular, no? It’s served with steamed rice to keep you satiated. Interestingly, this dish is traditionally enjoyed by Buddhist monks who are vegetarians.

For less than $10, you can have Buddha’s Monday dish that is served up just right with vermicelli, lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts, cilantro, and peanuts served with soy sauce.  You can choose from your favorite tofu, whether you like fried, lemongrass, or grilled. The variety of flavors in this dish will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied.

Buddha’s Tuesday rice is a vegetarian’s dream with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, kimchi, pickled daikon, and carrots served with soy sauce, and again, your choice of tofu according to your craving. Or get Buddha’s Saturday rice that is a fried rice with tofu, peas, carrots, eggs, and garlic.

Wanting something light and easy to eat? BFF can make you a Buddha’s Sandwich that is served with house mayonnaise, cucumber, pickled daikon, carrots, cilantro, jalapeños, and soy sauce, and your choice of tofu. It’s an easy quick meal perfect if you’re on the go.

But if you want something a little heavier, try Buddha’s Favorite Meal. You’ll have a choice of egg noodles or lo mein that is stir-fried with tofu, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, carrots, and Napa cabbage in our appealing mushroom sauce.

The Menu

 You can’t go wrong with any of these choices on the vegetarian menu, but there are non-meat appetizers and some dishes you can customize if you wish. Which will be your favorite?

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