What is Miso Soup, Exactly?

bowl of miso soup

What is Miso Soup, Exactly? Key Points What is Miso? What is Miso Soup? What Does Miso Taste Like? Health Benefits of Eating Miso Soup     If you’ve ever dined at an Asian restaurant or ordered takeout, chances are you’ve spotted miso soup as an appetizer. But what is miso soup? What does it […]

How Rice Became a Staple in Asian Cuisine

Aian Rice with shrimp

From steamed rice, fried rice, rice noodles, to sticky rice, you’ll see rice in many dishes when it comes to Asian cuisine. Ever wonder why that is? BFF is here to explain the history of rice in Asian culture.   The History of Rice Rice originates in East Asia, tracing back more than 10,000 years […]