5 Interesting Facts about Sushi

sushi with chop sticks

The techniques, the history, and the trivia behind the marriage of rice and fish are fascinating to some. This artistic, healthy dish called sushi brings in about $2 billion in annual revenue for restaurants in the United States. Here are some more interesting facts: Only the Fish gets Dipped in Soy Sauce – Sushi rice […]

Sushi for Newbies

california roll

By Leslie Radford   Some may be afraid to try sushi because of the whole “raw fish” thing. But if you really want to try it and can’t decide what to try first, try rolls. Rolls are more approachable, and often available with cooked ingredients. Sushi rolls start off with the basic fish wrapped in […]

The Top Health Benefits of Eating Sushi

The Top Health Benefits of Eating Sushi

The Top Health Benefits of Eating Sushi By Leslie Radford Key Takeaways Sushi May Help You Manage Your Weight Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids Speeds up Muscle Repair Strengthens Your Immunity Taste the Benefits of Sushi As a sushi lover, you already know it’s delicious. But get your chopsticks ready because here are 5 reasons […]

Pairing Wine with Sushi

Some of the fish used in sushi is generally fattier pieces of fish that need wines with higher acidity and tannins. There are also leaner cuts of fish that need softer, round wines. When pairing simply prepared fish such as sashimi, you need to add acid to cut through the fat. Here are some options […]

Common Sushi Terms You Should Know

Bff Asian Grill Sushi

  Sometimes you wish you had a sushi dictionary when ordering new dishes. What are all these ingredients? Knowing some of the more useful sushi terms on the sushi menu will enhance your experience. At BFF Asian Grill, we’ve made it simple to know exactly what you’re getting when you order our sushi with exact […]

How to Eat Sushi

How to Eat Sushi

Whether you use your hands, a fork, or chopsticks, dip it in sauce, put a dab of wasabi, or eat it plain, there’s no wrong way to eat sushi. If you’re new to sushi, you may still have questions about it.  Here’s how the typical sushi experience happens: First, you will get a plate with […]

Next Level Sushi – Advancing your Palate

take your sushi game to the next level

You’ve tried the rolls that contain the seafood you’re comfortable with (crab, shrimp, cooked tuna). Now you’re ready for the next step in advancing your sushi palate. Don’t think of it as raw fish but as a light, fresh treat for your mouth. To take your sushi game to the next level, try these fish: […]

Try Nigiri or Sashimi for Your Next Sushi Experience

sashimi and nigiri

If you’re still exploring the world of sushi, try the nigari or sashimi the next time you are at BFF. Nigiri Nigiri isn’t rolled like maki (what you may think of as traditional sushi with the meat and vegetables rolled in seaweed and rice). Instead, a thin slice of raw or cooked fish is layered […]